A different viewpoint - Our location

Snedden Campbell is based in the beautiful town
of Callander, Perthshire, at the heart of Scotland.

We are fortunate to be based close to the
magnificent Trossachs in countryside that enthrals
thousands of visitors every year and has inspired
writers, artists and musicians including Scott, Millais,
Rossini and Schubert. We look out on an ancient
landscape where the history and ethos of Scotland
run deep.

That is a great boon for those working for Snedden
Campbell, but it has a greater significance.

From here we can see the world very clearly. We gain
inspiration and perspective on our industry and activities
and crucially we are never constricted by a metropolitan

This is often a problem for companies based in London
or New York, where it is too easy to forget in the midst
of a sprawling, self-obsessed metropolis, that the world
of Talent Acquisition is an international, not a narrow one.

We have the space to think and to look at things without preconceptions which gives us a great advantage in problem solving.

And from here we can do business anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently. Most of our clients have a global presence and it is important to us to be able to meet with them regularly. We have first rate communications links and access to an excellent transport infrastructure which facilitates easy connection with clients anywhere in Europe, North America and Asia.

More than that though, is the attitude of mind that our Scottish viewpoint gives – the openness, resilience and inventiveness that have helped us build a thriving business.


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