Search is at the core of what we do – and we are very good at it. And because it is an integrated part of the consultancy services we offer, we know the exact needs of our client before we start to look for the people to fill them.

This brings important advantages for you.

We understand the specification in outline, and in detail

We have gained a clear grasp of the context of the role

We have absorbed the culture of your organisation

And we know clearly your objectives

In addition, we bring the status of being one of only a very few search companies specialising in senior Medical Device Talent. And that means we know our way around our sectors whether diagnostics or orthopaedic implants.

The How

For too many Search companies finding the person for a role is a matter of sifting CVs.

This is NOT what Snedden Campbell does.

The growth of the internet and particularly social networking has transformed the Search industry. With the wealth of information available it is much easier to identify people within a company or sector.

The key to success is not the information, it’s the skill and experience to know how best to use it – and the human touch that creates the right relationship with candidates.

We don’t just identify individuals. We are expert at sorting the wheat from the chaff. When we present a shortlist of candidates you will be getting the best potential individuals for your needs.

This is what makes the difference between finding someone to fill a role, and finding someone who will add value to your company. But it is only part of the process.

What sets Snedden Campbell apart is not just identifying the right people for a role, it is the ability to approach them directly and persuade them to do something they had no intention of doing when they got up in the morning – apply for a new job.

The benefits of the human touch are important for both sides of the recruitment equation.

For our clients it means you know that when we present a list of candidates they will all have been carefully selected, interviewed at length and a special report prepared by us for you to review.

We eliminate confusion and ensure that salary package details are accurately presented so that candidates’ expectations are clear.

And when we present a shortlist, we do it in person to give you the time and the insight you need to make the right choice for the success of your business.

For our candidates it means that when we tell them about a potential role we are giving a clear and attractive picture of it, drawn up in co-operation with our client.

We know that the information we give will engage and excite, and we will make the credible and compelling presentations to candidates they need to make the right decision.

And more than that, we will build on the relationship. Part of our service is providing ancillary help to candidates to gain a clear picture of the location or community they will be living in. Employers often forget that the process of relocation can be as important as the role itself to an applicant, and family, and we will work to smooth out any difficulties.

Our task is to solve the problems of Talent Acquisition, whether in finding the right person, or in the move into a new role.


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