The secrets of success – Our approach

Snedden Campbell has a unique approach to the problem
of recruiting the best people for your company. We are
not just another headhunter and we don’t do things by

We start from a completely different perspective
offering either an integrated suite of services from
Market Landscaping, through formulation of Talent
Strategy to Search and Talent Acquisition – or we
can supply the individual services alone to suit
whatever our client needs.

From day one in the business our focus has been
on Life Sciences and we have built up a portfolio of
clients in Medical Devices generally and Diagnostics
and Orthopaedics in particular. Through our years
providing staffing solutions we have amassed the
widest possible spread of contacts and industry insight.

We understand the business you’re in and we’re
unbeatable at providing the right people.

Building the solution

We have learned that the process of finding the best
people begins long before identifying names for a
shortlist and we have designed our services to reflect that.

We will sit down with a client at the earliest possible stage
to help develop Talent Strategy and take those needs
through to the successful provision of the right person for your requirements.

Central to that success is getting the brief right, and taking the right brief means asking you the right questions. We have the expertise to do that.

We have worked with companies from all sectors of our industry and that means we know the needs and solutions whether our client is one of the biggest companies in the world, or simply on the way to becoming one.

Almost all companies talk about managing their talent, but only 5 per cent actually have a clear strategy and operational programs in place to do that that proactively (Talent Management: State of the Industry - Josh Bersin, June 2, 2008 Copyright 2008© LRP Publications). The other 95 per cent just react to need as it arises.

Snedden Campbell will help your company take the initiative, not follow the crowd.


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